Yumi Hara  News

5 April 2021

Yumi Hara residency at Cafe OTO originally scheduled in June 2020 then June 2021 has now been re-postponed to Sat 11 & Sun 12 September 2021.
Confirmed musicians so far:
Yumi Hara
Chris Cutler
Tim Hodgkinson
Geoff Leigh
John Greaves
Jean-Hervé Péron
Zappi Diermaier
Geraldine Swayne
Atsuko Kamura
Pierre Chevalier
Chloe Herington
Kyle McCallum (DJ)
more TBC
will perform following sets:
THE WATTS (Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson)
The Artaud Beats (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, John Greaves, Chris Cutler)
Jump for Joy! (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Jean-Hervé Péron, Zappi Diermaier, Geraldine Swayne, Chris Cutler)
Itako Sisters (Yumi Hara, Atsuko Kamura)
Yumi solo material/Lindsay Cooper Songbook Alone+/ Canterbury Favourites (Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Pierre Chevalier, more TBC)
monobeat (Zappi, Elke plus more TBC)
and more sets TBC

14 March 2021

MINIATURES 2020 is now officially released (15th March 2021), available from ReR.
Yumi contributed with her clavichord solo version of Slice, written by Lindsay Cooper for Henry Cow.

Watch video here