The Artaud Beats

Geoff Leigh (flute, voice, electronics)

Yumi Hara (keys, voice)

Chris Cutler (drums)

John Greaves (bass, voice)  

New CD album Nodutgang, Bodo 28.10.11 order here

CD album LOGOS order here

 Nodutgang Bodo jacket  


The Artaud Beats (Geoff Leigh: sax, fl, vo, electronics, Yumi Hara: p, vo, Chris Cutler: dr, John Greaves: b, vo) came together in a chance encounter at Jean-Hervé Péron's Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst, 2009. Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara were there as a duo, Chris Cutler and John Greaves with Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause. It was Geoff who proposed the quartet and Jean-Hervé enthusiastically supported the idea - since Geoff, Chris, and John had all been in Henry Cow together when they toured with Faust; and Yumi seemed the perfect companion. The concert was fine, the public happy and a Norwegian promoter from Bodo, who happened to be in the audience, immediately invited us to his next festival. So our casual meeting metamorphosed into a band. We gave ourselves a name: The Artaud Beats, and made ourselves available. Two tours of Japan and a box-set later, we're back - still with no programme and no songs, and still engaged in the hazardous but honourable art of conjuring music out of empty air.

at Nodutgang festival, Bodo, Norway, 28 October 2011

live recording of this performance is now available as 'Nodutgang, Bodo 28.10.11.' CD, order here

listen sample tracks at Soundcloud here

Japan tour including workshops in June 2012.

And Japan tour 2013.

RIO 2014 and RIO Japan 2014


first studio CD released on 5 June 2015 Order

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NEWS: 23 December 2018

'Nodutgang, Bodo 28.10.11.' new CD released order here

listen sample tracks

NEWS: 10 February 2015

LOGOS new review: 27 January 2016, Rythmes-Croisés (France)

NEWS: 15 September 2015

The Artaud Beats will be playing at Copenhagen Jazzhouse on Fri 26 Feb 2016


NEWS: 16 June 2015

LOGOS Japanese version (with Japanese liner notes and obi) is out on 1 July from DiskUnion.


NEWS: 19 April 2015

very pleased to announce that our first studio CD album 'LOGOS' will be launched on 5 June at Le Triton

5 June 2015, 8pm

Le Triton
11 bis, rue du Coq Français - 93260 LES LILAS, FRANCE
Métro Mairie des Lilas

NEWS: 18 March 2015

Le Triton date announced:

5 June 2015, 8pm

Le Triton
11 bis, rue du Coq Français - 93260 LES LILAS, FRANCE
Métro Mairie des Lilas

NEWS: 30 Sept 2014

Two Japanese dates in November:

13 Nov 2014, BIG APPLE, Kobe, JAPAN

Open: 18.30 Start: 19.30
4500yen adv, 5000yen door
Toa Hights B1F, Yamamotodori 3-14-14, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0003, JAPAN
TEL 078-251-7049 big-apple‘at’

15 Nov 2014, Rock in Opposition Japan, Tokyo, JAPAN


performance at RIO 2014 on 20 Sept was joined by Fred Frith

photo by Matin Horst   individual photos by Lutz Diehl



NEWS: 16 June 2014

The Artaud Beats will perform for the first time in the UK at Fort Process Festival, Newhaven, East Sussex, UK (13 Sept).

Also RIO JAPAN 2014, (15 Nov), Tokyo, Japan


NEWS: 6 May 2014

A work-in-progress version of a track 'Green Arena/E=MC2' from forthcoming studio album has been uploaded on SoundCloud

and YouTube


NEWS: 29 January 2014

The Artaud Beats will be playing at RIO 2014, (20 Sept) , Carmaux, France


NEWS: 24 June 2013

New merchandise:

The Artaud Beats 'Archive Box' Japan Tour 2012 second impression. SOLD OUT

The Artaud Beats 'Japan 2012 revisited', a single CDR compiled by Chris Cutler & Yumi, remastered by Yumi SOLD OUT

The Artaud Beats T-shirt in Grey Marl (S-XXL) and Pink Marl (ladies M) SOLD OUT

Please visit discography page for details

Current AB T-shirts stock availability: SOLD OUT
Purple: SOLD OUT
Black: XS, XL, XXL
Red: XS, S, M, XXL
White: XS, S, L, XL, XXL
Grey Marl (new): S, M, L, XL, XXL
Ladies Pink Marl (new): M
(Chest width: XS 45cm, S 48cm, M 51cm, L 54cm, XL 57cm, XXL 60cm
Ladies M 45cm)

To order: Please visit discography page


NEWS: 7 May 2013

The Artaud Beats 'Archive Box' Japan Tour 2012 has been completely sold out, and we are still getting orders. So we decided to create 'second impression' in slightly different box, numbered and signed by all memberes of the band, with extra DVDR (Shibuya gig shot from behind Chris Cutler), limited to 25 copies. Price will be £90 which is higher than the 1st edition, taking the change in recent currency exchange rate and extra items into consideration. Available from 29 May, beginning of Japan tour 2013. Owners of 1st edition can purchase the extra DVD for £10 (already available, and actually most of the owners already bought!) SOLD OUT

NEWS: 26 Feb 2013

The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2013 dates announced. For details, please scrol down to the bottom of the page:

Wed 29 May, Nagoya, Tokuzo
Thu 30 May, Toyohashi, House of Crazy
Fri 31 May, Osaka, Bar Soft Machine
Sat 1 June, Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan
Sun 2 June (afternoon), Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan (Improvised music workshop)
Sun 2 June (eve), Kobe, Motomachi Cinema (Romantic Warriors II: About Rock in Opposition screening + Chris Cutler Talk & discussion)
Mon 3 June, Fukuoka, Hakozaki Suizokukan Kissashitsu
Tue 4 June, Oita, At Hall
Wed 5 June, Kobe, Big Apple
Thu 6 June, Yokohama Airegine
Fri 7 June, Tokorozawa, MOJO
Sat 8 June, Tokyo Ogikubo Rooster (Improvised music workshop+performance)
Sun 9 June, Tokyo, Shibuya Uplink (Romantic Warriors II: About Rock in Opposition screening + live performance)
Mon 10 June, Tokyo, Secret location TBC


NEWS: 16 Jan 2013

Now ready to dispatch worldwide: previously only available at the merchandising table of Yumi's Japan Tour in December 2012.

1. The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2012 'Archive Box' (8000 JPY/80 GBP) SOLD OUT contains audio recordings of unedited, full performance of all 8 gigs during Japan Tour 2012 (8 CDRs) and video recordings of 4 gigs (4 DVDRs). Limited edition of 50 copies, numbered. Currently 12 copies left. As these are kind of 'official boot', please understand that they are not perfect: some audience/mechanical/electrical noises; not perfect sound/balance; occasionally shaky camera; restricted view etc, although Yumi did her best to remove big noises. But you can enjoy our performances and witness spontaneous music creation. Watch digest of the DVDRs here:

2. The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2012 'Archive Box' signed edition (9000 JPY/90 GBP) <NEW> SOLD OUT
The same contents as above, but signed by all members on the inside of the lid of the box. If you have already bought 'unsigned' version and would like to turn it to a signed edition, we can send you the signed sticker which you can stick inside of the lid (1000 yen / 10 GBP). SOLD OUT

3. The Artaud Beats Norway Live CDR (1500 yen/12 GBP) SOLD OUT but regular CD is now available
Originally made as limited edition CDR for 2012 Japan tour. Now re-stocked due to the popular demand! Listen some excerpts here:

4. The Artaud Beats T-shirt (2500 yen/20 GBP, or 2000 yen/16 GBP with 'Archive Box' or bought 2 or more)
We have re-ordered, so all colours and sizes will be available at the end of January. Currently we have White in XS, L, XL and Purple in L. SOLD OUT

Sizes available: Ladies XS (chest width 39cm), Ladies S (42cm), Ladies M (45cm)
Unisex XS (chest width 45cm), S (48cm), M (51cm), L (54cm), XL (57cm), XXL (60cm)

Colours: Lilac (ladies only), Red, Dark Purple, Black, White. SOLD OUT

The money will directly contribute The Artaud Beats' future tours and more releases. If you are interested, please email yumi 'at', Yumi will reply with payment instruction.


NEWS: 15 Nov 2012

We are currently making 'The Artaud Beats T-shirts', featuring illustrations of the members of the band: Chris Cutler, Geoff Leigh, John Greaves and Yumi Hara Cawkwell, drawn by Yumi originally for 2012 Japan tour flyers. The illustration portrays the characteristic movements and postures of the musicians, and the positive energy of the band's performance. SOLD OUT

They will be available at the merchandising table during Yumi's next Japan tour (solo, Yumi Hara Cawkwell-Tempered Band and Mammal Machine) 7-25 Dec. For the people outside Japan to avoid disappointment:

Please order before 7 Dec as after Yumi's Japan tour, all sizes and colours may not be available. Yumi can start dispatch after 7th Dec from Japan, but if you can wait until after Christmas when she will be back in London, especially for European destination, please let Yumi know as it will be cheaper to send, and it will be quicker to be delivered.

Sizes available: Ladies XS (chest width 39cm), Ladies S (42cm), Ladies M (45cm)
Unisex XS (chest width 45cm), S (48cm), M (51cm), L (54cm), XL (57cm), XXL (60cm)
Colours: Lilac (ladies only), Red, Dark Purple, Black, White.
Price: 20GBP, p&p incl, and if you buy more than 1, each additional T-shirt will be 16GBP.

The sales will directly contribute towards our future touring, so buy and wear The Artaud Beats T-Shirts, spread the word, and support us!

To order: please email yumi 'at' stating size, colour and number of the items and we will get back to you!!






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